The Facility

Salud Care (I) Pvt. Ltd. has its own manufacturing plant in Uttarakhand State of India in Roorkee city having state of the art technology following all GMP guidelines of WHO-GMP. The facility is home to some of the well known branded medicines of the country.

The company in this unit manufactures a range of Vitamins, Antibiotics, Dermatological, Antacids, Antidiarrhoels, Tranquilizers, etc. for consumption by humans.  The products are manufactured as per the master formulation, compiled by trained staff at Salud Care, with an adherence to purity and high standards. All products are subsequently manufactured and packaged in strict accordance to good manufacturing practice.

The Production department is headed by Production Director and supported by Factory Manager, Production Manager and his team including Chief Chemist & Quality Assurance.